Closed calls 2023-24

2023-24 Call 2B

Calls for pre-doctoral contracts for PhD training included in the 2022 call for early processing of the procedure for grant awards to 'Knowledge Generation Projects' and the training activities for pre-doctoral research staff linked to said projects, within the framework of the 2021-2023 National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research, and lnnovation for funded projects where the University of the Balearic lslands is the beneficiary.

'Knowledge Generation Research Projects' funded by the National Research Agency and awarded in pre-doctoral grants, where the UIB is the beneficiary, in accordance with the provisional resolution of July 18th 2023 of the National Research Agency:

OFFICIAL CODE Main Researher Co-PI Department / Institute
PID2022-142252NA-I00 Antón Gamazo, Andrea   IMEDEA
PID2022-137648OB-C21 Blázquez Salom, Macià Murray Mas, Ivan Geography
PID2022-139042NB-I00 Christie De Oleza, Joseph Alexander Bosch Zaragoza, Rafael Biology
PID2022-138424NB-I00 Clemente Moreno, María José   Biology
PID2022-141031NB-I00 Comas Forgas, Rubén Lluc   Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology 
PID2022-137408NB-I00 García Riaza, Enrique   Historical Sciences and Theory of the Arts 
PID2022-139455NB-C314 Gulías León, Javier Gago Mariño, Jorge INAGEA
PID2022-140561NB-I004 Montoya Jiménez, Pedro José   IUNICS
PID2022-138963NB-I004 Palenzuela Luque, Carlos Massó Bennásar, Juan IAC3
PID2022-138140NB-I004 Picó Segura, Catalina Ribot Riutort, Joan

Fundamental Biology and Health Sciences 

PID2022-136889OB-C214 Simal Florindo, Susana Eim Iznardo, Valeria Soledad Chemistry
PID2022-138626NB-I004 Sintes Olives, Alicia Magdalena Sasha Husa IAC3
PID2022-142168NB-I004 Soberats Reus, Bartolomé   Chemistry


2023-24 Call 2

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2023-24 Call 1

important As a result of a scheduled maintenance of the Official Electronic Board from Friday, July 21st 00:00 to Sunday, July 23rd 11:59 p.m., the deadline to submit applications has been modified to September 4th. In consequence, the start date of the contracts, which was scheduled for October 4th, is now postponed to October 9th.

To consult the procedure, you can open this infographic.